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I reserve the right to turn down any commission request without giving a reason.


Yes! Please double-check your address and include your phone number for your local post office to contact in case your order is lost or addressed to the wrong address.

Why is international shipping so expensive?

Unfortunately, the USPS international shipping rate is relatively high, so there's not much I can do about the high shipping cost. You could do a group order with friends to help spread out the cost perhaps! If you do a group order, feel free to indicate the separate orders in the notes section during checkout, and I'll do my best to pack each order separately within the same shipment!

I placed multiple orders. Can you combine them?

You will have to contact me to cancel your orders, then make another purchase this time all in one cart. I run the risk of people committing fraud by claiming I never sent their items if I combine orders, so this is safer for me. It is also much more work for me to manually combine and fill out customs forms. Thank you for understanding!

I put down the wrong address!

If you input the incorrect address when making your purchase and I have already sent it to the post office, then it is too late for me to do anything to change it. Address changes can only occur before the order has shipped.

Tracking says my package was returned to sender?

This may happen due to various reasons, such as:

  • Customer provided incorrect address: I will ship to exactly the address inputted by the customer. If you typed it wrong, then I will be sending it wrong.
  • Package was refused: If a strange name was used on the package, other people who live at the residence may not recognize who it belongs to and refuse it. Example: addressing a package to a friend and listing their name as “uwu l33t gamer”. Other people who live at that address may not recognize that name, think it’s suspicious, and return the package. Using such nicknames also makes it harder for people to claim the package at the post office or customs.
  • Order was not picked up at post office or customs fees were not paid.

Once your order has been returned to me, you may choose to either have it resent to you and pay a re-shipment fee (cost of original shipping), or get a refund on your order NOT including the shipping you originally paid.

My order is taking a while to arrive. What should I do?

If you chose to have your items tracked, reach out to your local post office! They'll have the most up-to-date information and are the most able to help you locate your order. I am not able to do anything on my end once your items are shipped—it is no longer under my control.

I think my order was lost.

The USPS is currently experiencing service issues. If your package says it was delivered but wasn't, please wait a few more days. You can also check with your post office to see if your package is being held. Also check with your neighbors to see if it was accidentally delivered to them by mistake.

I received an incorrect or damaged item.

Please email me as soon as you can with your name, order number, and photos of the incorrect or damaged product! I will be more than happy to replace the item free of charge. For damaged products: If the replacement item also arrives damaged, unfortunately I cannot replace it again.

Will you restock an item?

If if enough people request it, perhaps! You can send me a message through the contact form to let me know. Since this is a small independent shop, items can't always be ordered or produced on the same scale as a large business. I'll still try my best to bring it back!

Do you sell your products anywhere else?

I have an Etsy, but all other platforms claiming to sell my artwork are doing so without my permission. Please do not purchase from other sellers looking to profit off of stolen work!

Do you sell at conventions/expositions?

Yes! I will usually announce it on social media.

Will you come to my city's con/expo?

If enough people ask, sure! Send me a message through the contact form to let me know where to plan for next!

Do you do commissions?

Sometimes! Send me a message describing what you'd like commissioned so I can give you a quote. I reserve the right to turn down any commission request for any reason without providing a reason.